Helsinki Show Info July 6th & 7th


Click the link below (Lue lisää) to check out all the information you need to know when coming to see Maiden from abroad.

Hartwall Areena info

Modern hockey arena in Pasila. Total capacity is 13365, but 12000 in concerts. You can eat and drink there, but food and beer prices are a little bit expensive.
Link: (All important arena info!).

Concert Promoter

Link: (Finnish concert promoter).

Doors & show times

Doors open 18:30 (local time). Standing area open 19:00 (not confirmed!).
Show times (not confirmed!): Mastodon 20:00-20:45 (local time) & Iron Maiden 21:15- (local time).


Totally sold out! No tickets left! (You can try to buy some tickets from´s market place 22 Acacia Avenue!

Public transportation to Hartwall Areena

The most easiest and cheapest way is 6 minute commuter train (A-Y) between Helsinki railway station – Pasila railway station. Hartwall Areena is just 5 minute walk from Pasila railway station.
Link: (VR – Finnish railway company).
Link: (Journey planner).

Car parking

Easy & expensive option: Hartwall Areena car parking.
Cheap option: Pasila railway station area.

Credit cards and cash

Nearest ATM (cash machine) is in Pasila railway station (outside – near at main entrance). <U>REMEMBER: ONLY CASH WHEN YOU ARE BUYING IRON MAIDEN TOUR MERCHANDISE! NO CREDIT CARDS!</U>

Tour merchandise in Hartwall Areena

More than one place. Check upper & lower levels.

Cameras & recording equipments

Not allowed. Tight security control